Sunday, May 25, 2014

How To Write Children's Stories

Wondering how to write children's stories? This niche is an exciting one and it can even be a lot of fun. Even if you have experience in other types of writing, writing stories for young readers is very different.

Emotional Disorders and Fictional Stories - Four Viewpoints Travelled

External fictional stories mimic how your internal emotional system works. When your mind travels through a fictional story, in a book or at the movies, it shifts you through four viewpoints without your being consciously aware of it.

The Legend of the Golem

The exotic history of Prague dating back to ancient times has many ghosts, witches and legends cooking up some interesting tales. Cobbled stone pathways take you to houses and places where people enact stories twisted into fantasy and myths. These fantasies sensationalize the historic element of Prague, making you wonder if its fact or fiction. Of thousands of legends, myths and ghosts of Prague, the famous Golem narrative seems the most interesting.

Arjuna and Ponokawan - Who Are They and What Are Their Stories?

Midnight. A gong resonates throughout the quiet field. People gather; some chatting, some snacking. It is time for the wayang kulit to start. And now, the Tok Dalang (master puppeteer) will begin. Tales from the Ramayana and Mahabharata are all narrated and voiced by the Tok Dalang; from the soft feminine voices to the brash male ones. Accompanied by the entrancing sounds of the gamelan orchestra, the shadows of the flat leather puppets flares to life on the taut white cloth.

A New Wisdom Story - Crisis, Culture and Opportunity

There is a well-known Chinese wish: "May you live in interesting times." By this they meant a time of crisis, because only in crisis can real change occur and a new story unfold.

Jeff Herring's Inspirational Story - Lessons on How to Succeed in Times of Crisis

Jeff Herring's inspirational story about change and eventual success is a timely example for each of us to follow. Regardless of how we perceive the state of the economy right now and regardless of our beliefs, we cannot go wrong by following his example. Although I cannot tell his story as well as he, my goal is to help spread his inspiring message. I feel his inspirational story is an example for all of us to follow during these turbulent times on earth.

An Inspirational Story - Bring the Army-Navy Game to War Veterans

The Army-Navy Game is always a form of inspirational story in December every year that brings out a sort of attention that rivets the nation for a few days. From fanfare a few days before the game to game day itself when Presidents are commonly VIPs for the game, this traditional rivalry between two of the nations military outfits is a game fit for any Super Bowl. For Bennett and Vivian Levin in 2005, it was an excellent opportunity to use this sports extravaganza to do some good for the nation's wounded veterans that came back from the Middle East.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A True Love Story

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "If only I could find a partner, someone to love me, have my own 'true love story' then I'd feel more fulfilled, whole, and happy."
If you recognize those thoughts, if you identify with them, then I'd like to let you in on a secret, one that will take you toward that true love story of your very own...