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The Story of Noah (Nuh) Patient

Noah (Nuh) is one of the prophets of Allah SWT who has patience above average. The Prophet Noah was always a plan to destroy the prophet Noah and his family, but they were all unsuccessful.

Meanwhile Noah continues to be patient. Until the end of the applicable Noah considered outrageous by Allah SWT. In fact they are challenging descent wrath of Allah SWT to them. Therefore, lowering the wrath of Allah SWT never experienced by any human being of all time, the water pouring from the sky and the earth.

"So We opened the gates of heaven with water pouring lowering bulk. And made earth-springs gushing springs the waters Meet the one that really matters has been set. "QS. Al-Qamar: 11-12

But not all the prophets Noah destroyed. Those who are faithful followers of the prophet Noah was saved by Allah, as stated in the word of Allah SWT as follows:

"So We saved him and those with him in the laden ship." QS. Ash-Syu'ara ': 119

Allah Almighty saved Noah and his followers by telling her how to make the ark. When a predetermined period of wrath will come, the Almighty Allah sent the angel Gabriel to prophet Noah to teach him how to be a carpenter and convey commands of Allah SWT to make the ark.

"And make the ark with the supervision and guidance of revelation us." QS. Hud: 37

Noah confusion, he does not know how to make a boat. Then He replied that he could make the ship by cutting the boards as much as 124000, then on each of the boards will be written the name of the prophet. Noah responded with objections that he could cut the board but do not know the names of the prophet. Almighty Allah then says:

"O Noah, duty cutting board that is your job, while stating the names of the prophet, I will do it."

Then cut the first board Noah, Adam looks prophet's name. Then the second board looks Syaits as. names. Then on the third board looked the name of Idris as. Then there is the fourth board writing his own name, namely Nuh. Similarly continuously every single board is cut, it appears the name of the prophet on the board. Until the end of the existing name on the board is the final Prophet Muhammad as the seal of the prophets and decorate the saints. After the Prophet Noah prepares the nail and nail-unite the pieces of the board and nailing it. Disbelievers who see the work mocked and insulted the prophet Noah. This is because it is not uncommon to build ships in the area is quite far from the sea.

"And Noah began to make the ark. And every time a leader of his people walked through Noah, they mocked him. Noah said: "If you mock us, then indeed we even make fun of you as mock (us)." QS. Hud: 38

But all the insults and taunts that Allah SWT reward him with a painful torment decrease as we mentioned above this article. May Allah keep us act like the Prophet Noa.

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