Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Story Debate "Noah (Nuh)" With His People Astray


Though Noah has been trying hard to preach to his people with all wisdom, skill and patience, and in any occasion, day or night by way of a whisper whisper or how bright and open it turns out very few of his kind who can accept and follow his invitation.
They also consist of people who are poor weak social standing. While the wealthy, high status and respected in the community, which is the ruling but did not believe Noah's rebellious and deny all that it teaches and do not want to release their confidence in their idols, they even tried to cripple and thwart the preaching of Noah. Even a father, if his son had stepped on the age adults, willed not to follow Noah throughout his life. Therefore, it may be said that the children inherit their parents idolatry and immorality. 

Debate prophet is full of his people 

"Then spake the pagan leaders of his people," we do not see you, but (as) a person (usually) like us, and we did not see the people who follow you, but the people that despicable among us are off believe it, and we did not see any advantages you have something over us, even we are sure that you are the ones who lie "(QS. 11: 27) 

"The leaders of his people said," we actually saw you are in manifest error ", Noah replied," O my people no whit me astray but I go round the messenger of the Lord of hosts ". "I convey to you my god mandates and I advise you, and I know from Allah SWT what you do not know. And if you (do not believe) and wonder that come to you from your Lord through a warning a man of your religion that he gave a warning to you and hopefully you devoted that ye may receive Mercy? "(Surah 7: 60-63) 

Then the prophet Noah express terms by saying: "O Noah! if you want us to follow you and give support and encouragement to you and to the religion that you take, then put away your followers consisting of those farmers, laborers and servants were slaves. Expel them, because we can not get along with them, sitting next to follow their way of life and join them in a religion and belief. and how we can accept one religion which generalize the nobles to the common people, rulers, and princes with their workers and persons domiciled with a rich man poor "

Prophet Noah and his people refused reservations said "treatise and religion that I am under is for everyone no exceptions, clever or stupid, rich or poor, employers and workers, between the rulers and the common people all have the same position and place the religion and the law of Allah SWT. I said if you meet the requirements and pass a desire to get rid of the faithful followers, then who can I expect to continue my voice to the crowd and how I got away from my heart those who have faith and accept my call with confidence and sincerity at a time when you reject it and deny it, people have helped me in my work in when you're blocking my efforts and hinder my cry. And how I can take responsibility for my actions drive them, against Allah SWT when they complained that I was replying to their loyalty and obedience to the contrary solely to fulfill your request and subject to your terms unreasonable and unacceptable to the sound mind. thou foolish people and not any sensible. 

The prophet Noah who lost 

In the end, because they feel powerless to deny the truth of the words of Noah's and feel out of reasons to continue the dialogue with him, then they said: "O Noah! We have quite a lot of debate and dialogue and hear the call you are already tedious. We still will not follow you and will not let go of beliefs and occasional customs us so there's no point will you repeat propaganda and invitation and about the bush with us. Come what you are really people who keep their promises and words. We want to see the truth of your words and your threat in reality. Because we still have not trusted you and you would still have appeal ". 

Reason to deny the prophet Noah's Ark 

The Prophet Noah did not want to heed the advice and the threat of Allah SWT. They deny the prophethood of Noah is based on the following reasons: 

Noah was a man who needs to eat and drink, how can humans be prophet? Prophet in their view must be an angel.

Noah's followers are weak people, the poor people are made up of workers, peasants and the poor.
They followed the prophet Noah, according to their opinion, without thinking first, and currently do not have any excess.

They accuse the prophet Noah and his followers as people lie, but they are just allegations based on suspicion without evidence.

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