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Story By the Death of Rasulullah Muhammad SAW

Story By the Death of Rasulullah Muhammad SAW

Suddenly a sound from outside the door who shouted greetings.
"Can I come in?" he asked.
But Fatimah did not allow him to enter,
'Forgive me, my father had a fever', said Fatima who turned and closed the door.
Then he returned with his father who was already opened his eyes and asked Fatimah, "Who is that, O my son?"
"Not know my father, it looks like new once I saw" Fatimah said gently.
Then, "The Messenger" looked at her daughter with a thrilling view.
"Behold, he who remove temporary pleasure, he who separates the meeting in the world. Was he the angel of death" the Rasulullah said,
Fatimah also hold Blow tears. Angel of death came over, but "The Messenger" ask why Jibril did not come accompaniments. Then sage called "Jibril" who had previously been prepared over the world welcome the spirits sky lover of Allah SWT and the prince of this world.
"Jibril, explain what later my right before Allah SWT? ', Asked" Rasululllah "with a very weak voice.
"The doors of sky has opened, the angels have been waiting for your soul. All heaven wide open waiting for your arrival" said Jibril.
But it did not make the Rasulullah of relief, his eyes still full of anxiety.
"You do not like to hear this news?", Tanya Jibriel again.
"Tell me what happened to my people in the future?"
"Do not worry, O Messenger of Allah SWT, I have heard of Allah SWT said unto me: I forbid Paradise for anyone, except the people" Muhammad "has been at it" said Jibril.
Seconds draws near, it's time "Izrail" task. Slowly the spirit of the Rasulullah withdrawn. Looks Rasulullah whole body drenched in sweat, his neck tensed veins.
"Jibril, how pain this breathe his" 

The story before the Death of Muhammad SAW,
Slowly Rasulullah groan. Fatimah closed, beside Ali bowed deeper and Jibril looked away.
"Did you see me Disgusted, until you Turn your face Jibril?" The Rasulullah asked the angel of revelation introduction ..
"Who could, see Allah SWT lover snatched away death" said Jibril.
A moment later heard the Messenger of woe, because the pain is unbearable ..
"O Allah, terrible nian's death, inflicted the punishment of death is just all me, not to my people".
Agency Rasulullah began to cool, legs and chest are no longer moving. Her lips trembled as if to whisper something,! Ali immediately put his ear.
(Uushiikum BisSholaati, Wa Maa Malakat Aimaanukum) "maintain and keep praying weak people among you" Beyond the door tears starting to sound shouted, hugging each other friends. cover with a hand in his face, and Ali again put his ear to the Rasulullah who started bluish lips.

'Ummatii, ummatii, ummatii' - 'My community, my people, my people'
And, ended precious human life that gives it light. Now, could we love looks like?
(Allahumma sholli 'alaa Muhammad Wa Sallim Wa Baarik 'Alaiih) How love for the Rasulullah to us.
Let Love Her as he loves us as his community. (Wallaahu A'lam Bisshowaab)

That's the story of the story before the death of Muhammad, hopefully we can add to the love of Muhammad and also can increase our knowledge about the previous person chosen by to preach in the religion of Allah SWT.

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