Tuesday, June 10, 2014

True Story - WhatsApp Founder Story

True Story - WhatsApp Founder Story

Jan Koum, founder of WhatsApp, born and raised in the Ukraine from a relatively poor family. At the age of 16 years, he was desperate to move to America, in pursuit of what we know as the "American Dream".

At age 17, he could only eat from government rations. He almost became a bum. Sleep roofed skies, paved ground. To survive, he worked as a janitor supermarket. "Life is so bitter", Koum thought.

Her life when her mother was diagnosed with increasingly steep cancer. They survive with only modest health benefits. Koum then college at San Jose University. But then he chose to drop out, because it prefers to learn programming autodidact.

Because of his skills as a programmer, Jan. Koum hired as an engineer at Yahoo!. He worked there for 10 years. In place of that, he was best friends with Brian Acton.

Both make the WhatsApp application in 2009, after resigned from Yahoo!. Both had applied to the rising popularity of Facebook at the time, but was rejected. Facebook may now deeply regret ever rejecting their application.

After the official WhatsApp Facebook purchased at a price of 19 billion dollars a few days ago, Jan. Koum perform the ritual touching. He came to the place where he used to be, at the age of 17 years, every morning to stand in line to receive food rations from the government. She leaned her head against the wall where he used to stand in line. Remembering the hard times, which even for a meal he did not have any money.. Slowly, tears melted. He never thought his company was bought by the highest value.

He then recalled that his mother had died of cancer. His mother is willing to sew a shirt for him to save. "No money, kid ...". Jan Koum stunned. He regrets never be able to preach the happy news to his mother.

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