Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Clown Kingdom

Once upon a time there lived a royal clown named Salimi, who live alone with no relatives. As a royal clown, always a mediocre life, only able to provide for himself only. But even so miserable and lonely state, he lived quietly and happily. No matter he is distressed or being excited, he always tells stories that make people around him laugh and happy. Therefore, the young princess, Julia, pleased with Salimi. Making Julia always look forward to the arrival Salimi tomorrow, if Salimi has come home.

But there is someone who is jealous of the happiness which is owned Salimi royal clown. The jealous people named Khutux, who have the same job by Salimi, the royal clown. But he's not as good as Salimi in comedy, because it was he was looking for a way to get shunned by the royal Salimi. In order Salimi hated by many people.

One day Khutux stealing a necklace from room consort. Then put the necklace at home Salimi, when Salimi nothing in it. Because the empress necklace missing, then the kingdom was in an uproar over the incident. King immediately commanded the royal troops to check each person. No exception Salimi. He also hit check.

How shocked he was when it was found in his house belonged to empress beautiful necklace. He was immediately dragged to face the king. Caused an angry king Salimi immediately arrested him and put him in a cell. "Guards, drag it into the cell clown!" As soon as the king's command, which is directly done by the soldiers. Salimi struggled, but what's the use, the grip of the hands of the soldiers is stronger than the strength of his. He was immediately thrown into the latticed.

Salimi distressed treated so, but he did not commit the theft. But what may make, all have occurred. Like it or not he should live a life in prison with the patient. Moreover, in prison, he meets a woman named Murcia. They quickly familiar and establish love romance. A week after thrown into prison, a royal courtier him.

Royal courtier said to Salimi, "Salimi the royal clown, with this you were released by order of the king."

"Exempt?!" Salimi asked incredulously.

"Yes. You are expected to appear before the king's majesty, "replied the royal retainer again. Then retainer was gone. Salimi happy he will be free, but he was also sad because it means having to leave Murcia alone here.

"Get thee to the king," said Murcia wise.

Salimi was moved to see the king, but before he left, he said prior to Murcia, "later if I'm free, I'll ask for your freedom to my lord the king."

"All right," said Murcia.

After that Salimi go with her determination to see your majesty the king. When it was in before the king, he bowed to the king saluted. "Get up," said the king, "you have been set free."

"Thank you your majesty has kindly servant," Salimi replied, "but what made the freed slaves?"

The king was silent for a moment, then said, "you know Julia is not it?" Salimi nodding. "Since you are incarcerated, none of the royal clown who is able to make him laugh, including Khutux I believe to replace your position when you're in prison. He was always crying constantly. So I decided to release you so you want to make my daughter Julia laugh again. "

Salimi also said, "if it is indeed the will of my lord the king. Servant ready to serve. But may I ask something to the servant of my lord the king? "

"Oh, of course. What is it? "

"Servant want majesty the king freed also a girl called Murcia."

Her Majesty the king was silent for some time. But finally he decided, "And you're going to make my daughter laugh Julia back?" Salimi nodded firmly. "Well, we agree."

Since then, Salimi lifted back into a royal clown. He became the happiest people in the world. Especially after Murcia became his wife. A few years later, Salimi has two children funny. The story of the clown Salimi kingdom was known by the people of the kingdom.

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