Friday, June 6, 2014

Golla, Giant Kind


There lived a giant in a pitch-black cave. The giant known as the giant green Golla. He lived alone without having any one of the brothers. To meet the needs of himself, he is always looking for food in the forest near the cave. Her favorite food is cherry fruits.

Actually life itself makes it very lonely. Not far from the cave that is dark, there is a village inhabited by a tribe Mantawi. Mantawi tribe with a family group of Army guys. Therefore he wanted to live with them, feel the fabric of the crowd and the warmth of someone other than himself.

But his wish could not be realized because people hated each tribe Mantawi Golla green ogre, though Golla not acting evil. Every time he tried to approach the people of the Tribe Mantawi always drove with cruel and hurting.

"Go there! Basic ugly green giant! Stay away from us, "kicked a man while pelting a stone. That was followed by a few more people to do the same. The stones that make wounds all over his body Golla.

And because he can not explain anything, he was gone, because his heart was sad enough gets treated like that. He went to the river water is fairly heavy homage to clean his wounds. He washed his wounds with the river water, but the pain in his heart exceeds the pain of his injuries.

Suddenly, he heard a voice cry for help. Golla immediately approached the sound origin. When he reached the mouth of the river he found a girl from the tribe Mantawi yelling at him because of his middle dragged a swift river currents.

"Hey, Golla please him," said a girl who saw the arrival Golla. Without waiting for help a second time, Golla immediately turn themselves into the river and against the swift currents of the river. For this river Golla no nothing so it is easy for Golla to rescue the boy who was swept away. After getting a poor boy he took it to the edge of the river. A moment later the boy woke up and his friends cheer.

"Hey, what's this?" Said Nazou, Chief Mentawi who just came to the scene with a child who called him.

Then the little girl describes a series of stories from beginning to end when Golla managed to save the boy. After understanding the subject matter Nazou say thank you very much for Golla.

"Thank you for your help Golla," said Nazou, "Now what can I do to repay you."

Golla immediately replied without wavering, "can I stay in the village Mantawi?"

Nazou even thought for a moment. Then he said, "This case can not be decided alone. But I'll try to work on that. "They're all there on the edge of the river right back to the village Mantawi parts, including Golla. But Golla waiting outside the township boundary fence. He knew enough to go in, but forced her Nazou. And finally Golla was willing to enter.

Then Nazou held a big meeting with the leaders of other Mantawi village, which discussed the request Golla earlier. Golla patiently waiting for him outside. After waiting for several hours, finally came out Nazou.

"How chieftain?" Ask Golla hopefully.

Nazou shook his head weakly. Golla had been able to guess the intent chieftain and his back sad. He then turned around and was about to leave his hope to have friends.

"But ..." Nazou continued, "you should come here twice a week and help us do some work. And that's if you're willing. "

Golla was turning his head again with joy, "Really?"

"Yes ..." Nazou nodding, "Saturday and Sunday, you can visit this place."

"All right. Thank you Nazou, "he said with excitement beyond measure. Golla home with a very happy heart. Although it can only come twice a week, he was quite happy because he will have good friends.

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