Sunday, December 28, 2014


In ancient times, there was a story of a princess in West Java named Dayang Sumbi. He has a son who was named Sangkuriang. The child was very fond of hunting.

He was accompanied by Tumang hunting, pet dog palace. Sangkuriang do not know, that the dog was an incarnation of the god and father.

On a day Tumang not want to follow his orders to chase the prey. The dog then pursued into the woods.

When he returned to the palace, Sangkuriang recounted the incident to her mother. Dayang Sumbi not playing angry when I heard that story. He accidentally hit her head Sangkuriang with spoon in his hand. Sangkuriang injured. He was very disappointed and went wandering. After the incident, Dayang Sumbi deeply regretted her. He was always very diligent prayer and penance. At one point, the gods gave him a gift. He will be forever young and has a timeless beauty.

After years of wandering, Sangkuriang eventually intend to return to his homeland. Arriving there, the kingdom has changed completely. There he met a lovely girl, who is none other than Lady Sumbi. Fascinated by her beauty then, Sangkuriang proposed. Therefore it is very handsome young man, Dayang Sumbi was very fascinated him.

On a day Sangkuriang asked permission to hunt. He asked for help Dayang Sumbi to spruce up the headband. Surprise, Dayang Sumbi-by saw the scar on the head of her future husband. The wound was exactly like his wounds that have to go wander. After a long noticed, turns his face is very similar to his face. He became very frightened.

So then he sought to thwart the efforts that making a proposal process. He filed two terms. First, he asked the young man to stem the Citarum river. And second, he asked Sangkuriang to make a big boat to cross the river. Both conditions that must be met before dawn.

That night Sangkuriang did penance. By his power he exert magical creatures to help finish the job. Dayang Sumbi was secretly peek of the job. Once the work was almost complete, Dayang Sumbi ordered his troops to hold a red silk cloth to the east of the city.

While watching the redness in the eastern city, Sangkuriang thought it was already dawn. He also stopped work. He was very upset because it means he can not qualify Dayang Sumbi requested.

With his strength, he made his break through the dam. There was a great flood swept over the city. He was later kicked big boat made. The canoe was drifting and fell into a mountain named "Tangkuban Perahu."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Story Debate "Noah (Nuh)" With His People Astray

Though Noah has been trying hard to preach to his people with all wisdom, skill and patience, and in any occasion, day or night by way of a whisper whisper or how bright and open it turns out very few of his kind who can accept and follow his invitation.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Story of Noah (Nuh) Patient

Noah (Nuh) is one of the prophets of Allah SWT who has patience above average. The Prophet Noah was always a plan to destroy the prophet Noah and his family, but they were all unsuccessful.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Prophet Idris - Various Master of Science

Prophet Idris was the second prophet after prophet Adam. Prophet Idris led the people who are still descendants of Cain, Adam's son who kills his twin brother (Habil).

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prophet Adam - Angels Prostrate
after creating the universe and its contents, Allah Almighty created man as caliph planning to take care of the Earth that has been made. Allah Almighty then tells the angels,