Thursday, June 26, 2014

Prophet Idris - Various Master of Science

Prophet Idris was the second prophet after prophet Adam. Prophet Idris led the people who are still descendants of Cain, Adam's son who kills his twin brother (Habil).

This people at that time many depraved, so that Allah appointed Prophet Idris as well as His Messenger, Allah gave him a miraculous intelligence in all areas.

With the miracle of the Prophet Idris prove that he is the messenger of Allah to edify and encourage his people to worship only Allah. Among the miracles given to the Prophet Idris Allah is that "Prophet Idris was the first person to be riding horses, writing, and arithmetic".

Additionally Prophet Idris can sew and make clothes, while at that time no one has been able to do it.

Prophet Idris lot to learn "suhuf-suhuf" which was revealed to Prophet Adam and Syits. Prophet Idris receive 30 Shahifah of Allah (Allah's revelation Gazette) that in this book contains the truth. Book was used by Prophet Idris to preach to his people. So people who already depraved, there are some who would accept propaganda Prophet Idris. And slowly they left the sins which they once did.

Prophet Idris has properties very gallant and brave. Additionally Prophet Idris dubbed "Asadul Usud" which has the meaning "lion of all lions", because the Prophet Idris was never afraid to preach to his people who are still unbelievers. Even so, the Prophet Idris has a forgiving nature and Prophet Idris never boasted. So most of his people accept propaganda Prophet Idris and want to worship only Allah.

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