Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prophet Adam - Angels Prostrate
after creating the universe and its contents, Allah Almighty created man as caliph planning to take care of the Earth that has been made. Allah Almighty then tells the angels,"Behold, I will create a human".
the angels said "Why did you create man who will do damage, crime and bloodshed on earth, but we always praise and glorify you as a token of gratitude to Thee".
Allah SWT said: "I know what you do not know"

then Allah Almighty created the first man off the ground. after creating Adam, Allah SWT give lessons to Adam about a variety of science and all things on earth, it is not taught by Allah SWT to angels and devils, so that only Adam who have the knowledge.

Then he is faced with the angels and devils, Allah SWT asks about objects that have been learned. The second creature was not able to answer that question. however, Adam was able to answer all the questions asked Allah SWT to him.

then, Allah Almighty sent the angel and the devil to prostrate to Adam, since the Prophet Adam can answer all the questions that Allah SWT gave, while the angels and demons can not answer all the questions that God has given to them. This proves the intelligence of Adam, because it is the angels obey Allah SWT, they all prostrate to Adam. But when Allah Almighty commanded the devil to bow down to Adam, Satan refuses, he considers himself more noble than Adam, because he was created by Allah SWT from fire, and Adam from soil.

because it does not comply, then Allah SWT expel demons from heaven, because heaven inappropriate inhabited by creatures who disobey the command of Allah SWT.

devil feel resentment to the Prophet Adam, because the devil considers, because he ditempatlkan Adam by Allah SWT in hell for eternity. because the devil appealed to Allah Almighty in order to lengthen his age apocalypse arrives. request was granted by Allah SWT devil. And swore the devil will always tempt Adam and his descendants mislead the whole world to be a friend in hell.

because Allah SWT has rules out the devil from heaven, the heavenly host is Adam and the angels, all Adam can feel pleasure. but Adam felt lonely because they feel alone. Almighty Allah almighty knows what Adam felt, because it was Allah Almighty created Hawa from Adam's rib to accompany Adam and became his wife.

in the heaven of the Prophet Adam and Hawa lack nothing, because all they want is always available, so they are both always be grateful to Allah Almighty for the blessings they received.

Nonetheless Allah Almighty commanded the Prophet Adam and Hawa from touching the trees of Eternity, the devil had heard God talks to Adam about ban, devil heard it is very happy because it was a chance to tempt and deceive Adam and Hawa.

at some point, the devil called Adam and Hawa from the gates of heaven, and after they went to the devil, the devil said:
"O Adam and Hawa, will you show me a very delicious fruit, and if you eat it, then you will be the hosts of heaven to forever"
Adam did not believe the words of the devil, and he cast out the devil, but the devil will never give up and keep trying to mislead Adam with all their tricks.

"O Adam, believe me, if you eat the fruit of Eternity that, then you will be forever in heaven as the angels" said the devil assured Adam and Hawa.

Adam began to falter and words affected the devil.
"It does not hurt us to prove the words of the devil, maybe he's right" said Hawa.

Then Adam and Hawa took the fruit and ate it Eternity. at that time Allah Almighty rebuked them, "I would not have banned you eat the fruit of Eternity and tell you that Satan is the enemy of most real to you."

Adam and Hawa felt sorry for breaking the ban on Allah SWT. they repent. and Allah SWT accept the repentance of those two, but Allah Almighty lowering them to the ground separately Prophet Adam was in Hindustan, while Hawa in Jeddah. they are looking for, and at a time Allah SWT unite them in Muzdalifah.

on this earth Adam and Hawa started a new life, if at all desired haven already available, then they should be tried first earth.

after a while they lived on earth, Allah SWT gave them up to 20 pairs of twins.

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