Thursday, June 12, 2014

Inspiring Story Islam : Tired of Living

A middle-aged man approached a teacher of Religion,
"Ustadz, I'm tired of life. Already saturated right. My household mess. Messed up my efforts. Whatever I do is always a mess. I want to die. "
The Ustadz was smiling, "Oh, you're sick."
"Not Ustadz, I was not sick. I am healthy. Just bored with life. That's why I want to die. "
As if not hearing his defense, the Ustad continued, "You are sick. And illness it's called, 'Allergic Life'. Yes, you are allergic to life. "

Lots of us are allergic to life.
Then, without realizing we are doing things that are contrary to the norm of life.
Life goes on. River of life flows on, but we want the status-quo.
We stopped at a place, we do not come running. That's why we get sick. We invite disease. Our resistance, our refusal to participate flow with life makes us sick.
Whose name the business, there must be ups and downs.
In the chase of a household, small clashes were indeed reasonable. Friendship was not always permanent, not everlasting. What the hell are eternal, everlasting in this life? We are not aware of the nature of life.
We want to maintain a state. Then we fail, disappointment and suffering.

"The illness can be cured, as long as you want to recover and be willing to follow the clues." Thus says the Ustadz.
"Not Ustadz, no. I've really saturated. No, I do not want to live. "The man refused the offer of Ustadz.
"So you do not want to recover. You really want to die? "
"Yes, indeed I was tired of life."
"Well, you will die tomorrow afternoon. Take this medicine bottles. Half bottle drunk tonight, half a bottle again tomorrow afternoon at six, and eight hours a night you will die in peace.

Her turn to be confused. Each Ustadz he attended has always sought to give zest for life. But this one is a strange religious teacher. He even offered poison instead. But, because he was already strongly saturated, he accepted it with pleasure.

Back home, he immediately spent half a bottle of poison so-called "drug" by Ustadz's crazy. And, he felt a calmness as he never felt before. So relaxed, so relaxed! Stay 1 night, 1 day, and he will die. He will be freed from all kinds of problems.

That night, he decided to have dinner with friends at a Japanese restaurant. Something he had not been doing for the last few years. Think about it last night, he wanted to leave sweet memories. While eating, he was joking. The atmosphere is really relaxed! Before going to bed, he kissed her lips and whispered in his ear,
"Honey, I love you." Because it is night last night, he wanted to leave sweet memories!

The next day I wake up, he opened the bedroom window and looked out. His refreshing morning breeze. And he was tempted to do a morning walk. Came home half an hour later, he found his wife still asleep. Without waking her, she entered the kitchen and make 2 cups of coffee. One for himself, one for his wife.

Because of that morning was the last morning, he wanted to leave sweet memories! Istripun feel weird, "Brother, what happened today? During this time, maybe I'm wrong. I'm sorry, brother. "

At the office, he greeted everyone, shaking hands with every person.
the staff was confused, "Today, our boss really weird huh?"
And their attitude immediately changed. They also become soft. Because it was during the last day, he wanted to leave sweet memories! Suddenly, everything around him changed. He became more friendly and tolerant, even appreciative of the opinions are different. Suddenly life becomes beautiful. He started to enjoy it.

Go home at 5 pm, he found his beloved wife with him on the front porch.
This time instead of the wife who gave him a kiss,
"Mas, once again I'm sorry, if I've been always a hassle you."
The children did not want to miss,
"Father, forgive us all. During this time, my father always stressed because of the behavior of all of us. "

Suddenly, the river of life flowing back. Suddenly, life becomes very beautiful. He canceled a plan to commit suicide. But what he had half a bottle of drink, the previous evening?

"O Allah, if death will come to me. O God postpone death. I'm scared if I have to leave this world ".

He hurriedly went to the Ustadz who gave poison to him.
Arriving at the house of the cleric, he immediately said that he would cancel his death. Because she was so scared if she had again lost all the things that have made him come alive again.

What happened to make very surprised, seeing his face, apparently the Ustadz immediately know what had happened, the cleric also said

"Throw the bottle. It contained the usual water .. You're cured, If you live in submission, if you live with the knowledge that death can fetch anytime, then you will enjoy every second of life. Shatters your ego, your pride, your pride. Be gentle, soft as water. And flows along the river of life. You will not be bored, would not be bored. You will feel alive. That is the secret of life. That is the key to happiness. That is the road to peace. believe me .. God with us. "

He then thanked and congratulated the Ustadz, then go home, to repeat the experience of the night before. Ah, the beauty of this world .....

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