Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Legend of the Golem

The exotic history of Prague dating back to ancient times has many ghosts, witches and legends cooking up some interesting tales. Cobbled stone pathways take you to houses and places where people enact stories twisted into fantasy and myths. These fantasies sensationalize the historic element of Prague, making you wonder if its fact or fiction. Of thousands of legends, myths and ghosts of Prague, the famous Golem narrative seems the most interesting.

The legend of Golem of Prague dates to the era of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor who cast out Jews from Prague by either killing or expelling them. Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the late 16th century chief rabbi of Prague thought of protecting his people from the atrocities of Rudolf II by creating a Golem. A Golem, in Jewish folklore is an anthropomorphic being, who is brought to life by reciting special Hebrew chants. He would then perform duties as his master said.
As the legend says, the rabbi of Prague or Maharal brought clay from banks of the Vltava River to contour the Golem's body. He then performed magical rituals and recited unique Hebrew chants to bring the Golem to life. Once awakened, he performed his job of protecting the Jews in the Prague Ghetto from Rudolf II's mayhem. But later on, the Golem became violent, killing people and spreading chaos. Some stories say the Golem was ditched in love, eventually turning him into a cruel monster.
Feared by the Golem's activities, Rudolf II struck a deal with the rabbi. He asked him to destroy the Golem, promising to stop the harassment of Jews. The rabbi was aware he had engraved the word 'emet' on the Golem's forehead while creating him, which meant truth or reality. He then removed the letter e from 'emet' leaving the Hebrew word 'met', which meant death. That is how the Golem was supposedly killed.
Stories still whisper about the Golem's body stored in the attic genizah of the Old New Synagogue, along with of the rabbi. Legend says, if the need arises, the golem can be revived.
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