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Athletes Inspiring Story and father

It's True Story , excerpts from Novels Inspiring "Sepatu Terakhir "

Barcelona Olympics, 1992.
Sixty-five thousand pairs of eyes are present in the stadium. All would like to see a big athletic event in the biggest sporting event seplanet earth.
His name Derek Redmond, a British Olympic-athlete runner. His fondest dream is to earn an Olympic medal, "any medals". Derek actually has participated in the event before the Olympics, in 1988 in Korea. But unfortunately few moments before the match, he was injured and unable to participate. Inevitably, the Olympics, is the best chance to realize his dream. This is the proof, to get a medal in the rarely run 400 meters. Because he and his father have been training very hard for this.

The start of the race to sign the gun sound. Rigorous training is undertaken Derek Redmond, makes it immediately excel beyond his opponents. He quickly had the lead up to 225 meters. Means that approximately 175 meters again. Yes, less than a minute to get medals that she dreamed it all this time.
But no one expected when actually at its peak performance, when he was leading the race, he suddenly suffered an injury. Suddenly in the 225 meters to, arising excruciating pain in his right leg. Because of the pain, as if the foot has been shot a bullet. And as the person who shot his leg, Derek Redmond became lame. All he did was jump around small resting on his left leg, slowed down, then fall down on the ground. Pain in the legs has been dropped.

Derek realized his dream of gaining medals at the Olympic vanished.
Seeing his son in trouble, his father who is above the stands, without thinking, he immediately ran down the stands. No matter he hit and stepped on so many people. For him the important thing is it should be helping her.

On the ground, Derek Redmond realizes that his dream of winning an Olympic vanished. This is already the second time he raced in the Olympics, and all of them failed because of his leg injury. But the soul is not a soul who easily give up. When the medical team came with a stretcher, he said, "I'm not going to go up the litter, however, I have to finish this race," he said.

Derek was then slowly raised his own feet. With very slowly anyway, while holding the pain at his feet, he walked very slowly limping. The medical team thought that Derek would like to walk alone to the edge of the field, but they are wrong. Derek wants to go to the finish line.

At the same time anyway Jim, Derek's father had reached the bottom of the stands. He immediately jumped the fence and ran past the guards to the son who runs completed the race with a limping in pain. To the guards he simply said, "That's my son, and I'll help!"

Finally, less than 120 meters from the finish line, his father was arrived at Derek who refused to give up. Derek still limping limping very confident. The father was embracing and bolster Derek. He wear it on neck that her arm around his shoulders.

"I'm here boy", she said softly, hugging her son, "and we're going to finish this race together.

Father and the child, with arms around each other, finally reached the finish line. A few steps from the finish line, his father, Jim, releasing the embrace of his son Derek in order to pass the finish line alone. And then, before he embraced her again.

Sixty-five thousand pairs of eyes watching them, encourage them, cheering clapping, and some cried. Father and daughter scene as it is now more important than who the winner of the race.

Derek Redmond did not get a medal, even he was disqualified from the race. But look at his father's comments.

"I am the most proud father of the world!, I'm more proud of him now than if he gets the gold medal."

Two years after the race, the surgeon told Derek that Derek will no longer be able to represent his country in sport competitions.

But do you know what happened?

Again, with the encouragement of his father, Derek finally distract him. He also pursue the world of basketball, and eventually became part of the United Kingdom basketball team. he sent a picture of himself with the basketball team to a doctor who had sentenced him would represent the country in sporting competitions.

If a mother's love, is to protect us from the dark world, the love of a father is to encourage us to dominate the world. A father will always support, motivate, to support, and took us under any circumstances. Father also who will shout us to rise up, and bolster us up to the finish line. Because they do not want us to give up on the state, as he demonstrated

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