Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lessons Nauseated Seller Sweep

A friend tells his admiration for the grandmother who hung in front of the Market Godean, Sleman, Yogyakarta. As it was Sunday, when he and his family wanted to go home after a friendship with relatives, they passed Godean Market.
My mother and I was tempted to buy fried chicken in front of the market for serving dinner. Incidentally it was getting dark. In addition to the fried chicken stall no tub grandmother shabby beggar, sitting cross-legged barefoot, while embracing the three connective broom fibers. The situation looks lousy, weak, and helpless. After paying fried chicken, my friend 's mother intends to give Rp. 1000,- (in 2004) because of pity and considers grandmother was a beggar. When the money was thrust sheet, the grandmother allegedly not even looked disappointed and shook his head slowly. Once again given the money, once again the old woman refused.
Fried chicken sellers who happened to see the incident later explained that the grandmother was not a beggar, but the seller broom fibers. Got it would mean that the actual presence of the grandmother, the mother of my friend finally decided to buy three precious broom Rp. 1.500,-/bundle. Although rarely fibers and not good, no loose ties.

Receiving money Rp. 5000,- the grandmother looked grumbling own. It turned out he had no money change.
"Keep the change, " said my friend 's mother. However, the old woman determined to seek his change of  Rp. 500,-. He then got up and painstakingly change money at the nearest shop.

My friend's mother stared at his grandmother's doings. Arriving at the car, he still kept thinking, how is it possible in the present age there are still people who are so honest, independent, and have self-esteem is so high.

By the way, you 've met with people who are similar to grandma 's broom seller? Be shared story for us all.

Story by Rizky Taufan , in the Kudus , as enshrined in Intisari Magazine in August 2004.

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